Ξ The joy and beauty of the crypto world. Come with me as I chronicle my crypto journey. Witness the rugs, the frustrations, the hype, and the wins of degen crypto. In the process, we will likely discover amazing gems that you may want to hodl for dear life Ξ

Ξ Each of my posts will describe a learning experience while some will be bullish, almost shilling type of posts to get you excited and ape with me Ξ

Ξ I’ve been in defi since late 2021 and have come so close to that Safemoon or Shiba Inu type investment win. I’ve also been rugged and slow-rugged so hard that I’ve wanted to delete my dApps and grind the normie way Ξ

Ξ However, crypto is so all-encompassing and almost euphoric when you’re in the chase, the token you’ve bought is “mooning” and you just can’t hit that swap button. Join me as I share my special crypto journey Ξ

Ξ Thank you so much for reading Ξ