Wow, this was a painful process to implement. I picked up a new domain; and successfully installed Word Press to my VPS (virtual private server).

I chose “0x” and “Pilgrimage” for a reason. “0x” being a prefix in the context of programming and blockchain technology. It is also used to denote Ethereum addresses which are unique identifiers for user accounts on the Ethereum network. “Pilgrimage” being a special kind of travel where one embarks on a meaningful and often long journey.

This is my crypto journey, or pilgrimage towards riches and deep learning.

This is also a place where I will write about the toxic world of degen crypto. I’m looking for some cool crypto blog templates to utilize. Watch this space…

The chart above is what happens when you hold a turd too long, it becomes smelly. PvP is real and most end up losing to the sound of ‘finish him.’


By josh

2 thoughts on “Hello 0xPilgrims!”
    1. I will publish as much as I can. I have tons of stuff to say. I am learning the entire process and it has been quite fun.

      Thank you for commenting!

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