Launched 30JUL23 ~2045 UTC

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Dev Wallet

This project started out so well with a great premise for a token; a bot that can find meta or predict the next one.

The bot, however, did not come to fruition even if the idea was uber bullish and garnered very good speculation in the form of buys that pushed our market cap near $120K.

Much to my chagrin, the hype was not meant to be. A very bullish VC (video conference) had been scheduled by the lead developer with a countdown timer set up in the Telegram group.

As the timer struck “zero” the developer wallet sold 10% of the circulating supply in one fell swoop to gain 2.36 Ether and concurrently crushed our dreams of discovering this magical meta whisperer. See below for the chart aftermath.

The preliminary TTF bot scan showed an “hidden owner” with some suspect contract stuff. The scan also showed the contract address owning tons of tokens and called it a “potential farm.”

The scans are part of DYOR (do your own research) and are not always black and white. There is some grey area where you just have to decide fast enough to get in at a low market cap and take the chance.

I have an ad hoc checklist that I maintain mentally. I will cover some of this in a new article. When the checks accumulate it’s time to either hard pass or GTFO.

On the bright side, I believe it is possible to detect early meta and early tokens of the “alfa” persuasion…stay tuned…


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